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Guitar Strumming

  All Levels. All Styles.   


When you study an instrument or learn to sing, something inside you once said, "I want to do this!" Our job is to make sure you can do this and that you do it in a positive and successful way. Each student is an individual - from the four year old who wants to learn piano to the sixty-four year old who always wanted to learn guitar - and we recognize each student's strengths and interests. We then help every student transform into a well-rounded musician who is able to share his or her talent with others.


Whether you really want to learn the latest song on the radio or you want to eventually learn how to play or sing big classical literature, we have it all. Our teachers vary in specialization and we are able to accommodate most any need. Our goal is that every student walks away feeling great about his or herself and wanting to go home and do nothing more than sing or play what they just learned.


Open seven days a week, we are able to meet most any scheduling need. Weekly lessons ensure that each student progresses regularly and guarantees a strong reinforcement of information throughout the year.


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