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Expression. Passion.
Creativity & Individuality

There is perhaps no greater way to express oneself than through the arts. A painting, pastel work, or even a drawing on a napkin can preserve a personal thought or idea indefinitely. Our dedicated art teachers seek to cultivate a skill-set based upon each student's individual self-expression and creativity. Over time and through many mediums, each student will create cherrished works to display.

We offer instructions in painting, sketching, sculpture, photography, and graphic design.



The Student


From the beginning, students are exposed both visually and tactically to various styles of art - from realist to impressionism - and a focus is based upon a student's initial interest. As a personal sketch evolves, a painting transforms, or a sculpture takes shape, each student develops his or her personal craft. By cultivating and capturing the physical and imaginative world, a student's eye is developed to recognize dimensional space, the relationship between light and shadow, and above all, each student feels inspired to create and display art proudly.

The Art


Every day we are faced with both the beautiful and that which lacks in beauty, yet manages to affect us. As artists, we are called to see this world within our own scope and communicate it to others. Through art, a representation of both the world with beauty and light and the world present otherwise can be captured and made ready to impact others as we have been impacted. Art can tell a story, save a memory for all of time, or make a statement that is meant for ourselves as well as others. Any medium can be communicative, any piece of art open for interpretation, but the matter remains that it need be created and shared for others to see and experience.

- Pablo Picasso -

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life"


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